Imagenes Historia del Arte en los EU (AvantGarde in USA)

Estimados Estudiantes:

Adjunto imagenes para el curso de HAEU.

01_700Julia 6a01156f8c7eb4970c017c35df533b970b-800wi 9-10-martinisalonof1785_rect540-1 20_armory_steig_okeef 31.177_driggs_imageprimacy_600 220px-Mabel_Dodge_Luhan_-_Van_Vechten 220px-Nature_Symbolized 681px-69th_regiment_armory 250907Man Man ray 1628212 1330713095536 851329016196585 124412008426760036_lOLD86lt_b AAA_kuhnwalt_0004 alfred_stieglitz_duchamp Armory_Show Armory_Show_1 Arthur_Dove_The_Critic battle-of-lights-coney-island.jpg!xlMedium bellows15Massacre at Dinant BM-Demuth My Egyt cage-v-duchamp-toronto-1968 CharlesDemuth-Incense-of-a-New-Church-1921 city-night dada_newyork_07Alfred Stieglitz Dasberg-Taos300web davis3 Douglas Series 1 douglastowers1934 Duchamp. Nude Descending a Staircase (No. 2), 1912. nude_no2 east-river-from-the-thirtieth-story-of-the-shelton-hotel georgia_o'keeffe__radiator_building__19271337048063778 h2_49.128 h2_1992.24.8 H0078-L28342979_mida Hartley-ElSanto hb_49.70.42 imagesMabel Dodge ranch jaic34-01-001-fig001 John-Storrs-index-lg JP-ARMORY1-articleLarge man-ray-emmanuel-radnitzky-l_homme-man-1918 manhattan manray1936 Max Weber Chinese Rest Murphy razor my_egypt Nailor-UntitledTourists Portrait de duchamp tettheimer salon11_500 Samuel-Morse-Gallery-of-the-Louvre-631 ss4175 sunspots1926 synchromism-and-color-abstract-art-stanton-macdonald-wright-abstraction-on-spectrum-1914 tumblr_m4ao4si5MN1rwwcwjo1_500 whitac6


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